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Thief caught red-handed removing wiring from Cieza lamp post The epidemic of cobber cabling thefts in Spain has all but died down in recent years An incident in Cieza this week, in which a man was arrested by the Policía Local in Cieza after he was caught red-handed stealing the copper cabling from.. 10/07/2019

Weekly street market in Cieza Tuesday is market day in Cieza: fresh fruit and veg and a range of other goods For many expats and visitors, one of the great joys of shopping in Spain is the opportunity to buy fresh products and bargain clothes in the weekly local markets, which are..

Guided tours of the Prehistoric Rock Art in Cieza Rutas de Patrimonio (Heritage routes) Available from Stipa Tours (email, telephone 658 641101, English is spoken at this telephone number), these visits can be arranged to cover prehistoric rock art sites of Cieza, Cieza under Moorish..

Cueva del Arco in Cieza, prehistoric art and a site which was occupied by in Neanderthal times The Cieza caves may help explain how and why the Neanderthals died out The Cueva del Arco in Cieza is a spectacular rock formation where a large arch has been formed by erosion, hence its name, and the caves in the area are also home to some of the finest..

Teatro Capitol Cieza The Capitol theatre in Cieza The Teatro Capitol de Cieza was originally opened in 1955, but closed at the beginning of the 1990’s. In 1994 the building was acquired by the Town hall of Cieza and the theatre was given an 11 million euro overhaul in..

El Paseo de Cieza A central open space in which public events are held and locals relax Contains important artworks by artist José Lucas Ruíz The Paseo de Cieza is a central public area in Cieza, an open space in which many public events are held, a shaded..

Understanding the Funeral Process in Spain In Spain, it is the norm to plan ahead for your funeral. It’s all part of making things easier for the family and loved ones. The cost of a funeral in Spain continues to rise and most Spanish families take out some kind of funeral plan to cover..

Via Ferreta climbing route Cieza A new opportunity for climbing enthusiasts and adventure sports fans in Cieza The Cañón de Almadenes, a spectacular gorge down which the River Segura flows in the municipalities of Cieza and Calasparra, has become one of the leading destinations..

The Museo de Siyâsa in Cieza The precursor of modern Cieza was an important Moorish Medina which sits atop a craggy peak above the modern town Cieza has been occupied for more than 7,000 years and the Museo de Siyâsa contains artifacts excavated from sites throughout the.. 18/01/2015

History of Cieza 7,000 years of agriculture in this fertile valley The municipality of Cieza has a long and interesting history, its benign climate, geographical location, fertile plains, porous rock which created numerous caves to offer natural shelter and abundant water..

Plaza de España, Cieza A large open plaza in the heart of Cieza The Plaza de España is the central plaza in Cieza which contains the Plaza de Abastos, the public marketplace as well as the tourist office. Its open centre offers a large area which is used for public..

EHIC, TSE, SIP, S1Vital documents to obtain healthcare cover in Spain EHICs, SIPs and TSEs Ensuring you have access to health care is one of the most important priorities for anyone moving to, or even visiting Spain. There is a lot of confusion around entitlements to.. 17/08/2013

Weekly markets north and north-west Murcia Regular markets in the north and north-west of Murcia Not all weekly markets are set in stone, and if they coincide with public holidays they may be cancelled or postponed. In addition, days can change, so if you're not sure a call to the relevant..

Cycling, walking, driving route 2, Cieza routes Route 2 La Brujilla This route could be cycled, walked or driven through the Cieza municipality.  The route passes through the peach orchards and agricultural cultivated areas which make Cieza such an attractive location to visit, particularly..

10km walking/cycling route, leaving from Cieza town Route 1 La Isla– El Horno, from Cieza town This is a cycling and walking route through Cieza which is an ideal way to discover the beauty of the Ciezan countryside enjoy the fruit orchards and agricultural areas of the municipality, including..

Ermita de San Bartolomé, Cieza The hermitage of San Bartolome, Cieza The hermitage of San Bartolome, which is still in use today, is thought to be the oldest Christian construction in Cieza and was built when the town was initially founded.  A primitive hermitage was constructed..

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